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Max Greene CD's are released by Surprise Truck Records in Los Angeles, CA.

Max Greene is the name of my band, which I sing and play in and write the songs for.  Occasionally there is confusion as to whether this is a stage name, or even my actual name, to which I answer, "Does it matter?"  If you're behind me and call, "Max!" it's likely that I will turn around.

It is my great fortune to play with so many warm and talented musicians; a roster which is a shifting constellation with many stars, which I will attempt to name here, in no particular order:  Andy Hess, Robert Bonhomme, Tony Mason, Gabriel Gordon, Mary Lee Kortes, Dan Rieser, Cameron Greider, Bob Hoffnar, Konrad Meissner, Rob Clores, Ann Klein, Josh Roy Brown, Jamie Jackson, Emilie Cardinaux, Diego Voglino, Rob Jost, Robin Macatangay, Dan Green, Skip Ward, Drew Glackin, and more....maybe you're next.

Max Greene